Yeah yeah, I know #throwbackthursday was yesterday but I don't care. I was in the mood for some Smile Empty Soul and am throwing it back to my early days in college. I still remember the first time hearing the first riff to "Bottom of a Bottle", I was immediately hooked. Then I heard Sean Danielson's amazing voice and couldn't stop listening or watching the music video every morning on MTV (you know, back when MTV - aka Music Television - played MUSIC). 

I still think Sean Danielson has one of the most amazing voices in rock music and his talent is highly underrated. I loved Smile Empty Soul so much that I hopped on a Grey Hound bus and rode 11 hours next to the pooper to go see them in concert with one of my best friends who lived in L.A. (Tip of the day... DON'T SIT NEXT TO THE POOPER ON A GREYHOUND!!!). For some reason I thought sitting in the back next to the bathroom would be a good idea. 1. I got my very own seat on a packed bus and 2. Ummm... who's gonna use the bathroom on a moving bus? Not very many people right? WRONG!! Just. Don't. Do it. 

My only solace in this horrid situation was literally playing Smile Empty Soul's self-titled debut on repeat the whole time. Yes... thew whole time and I loved every second of it regardless of getting offered random substances by my fellow bus riders, a stop at a nasty Burger King and an endless stream of passengers who evidentially had too much to eat and drink visit the pooper. I can still smell the horrid tinge of fecal matter. #puke

I've seen these guys in concert many times and am never disappointed. I had the opportunity to interview Sean Danielson before one of their shows at the Boardwalk in Orangevale and mentioned that I thought they should do an acoustic set. Their great at what they do, but stripped down gives their music an unsuspecting power. At the time he wasn't into it, but not along after what did he do... went on an acoustic tour. *pats myself on the back* Ok fine, he probably was gonna do it any way but I like to give myself some credit for that. 

I still want to know what the heck MRA stands for. 

For now... enjoy the song that made me fall in love with this band. 

And here's one of my favorite songs off of their self-titled debut "With This Knife" from one of his acoustic performances.